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Sometimes words are useless. Perfection, romance, eternity under a vanilla sky.


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Really into Parisienne life. Enjoying Montorgueil, the sunny weather and art which is all around. Our house is full of paintings and sculptures,  every day I find a detail gone unnoticed the day before.  Still have some problem with insomnia but, honestly, how I can complain?
Vive la France.


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I go to Paris every year, it’s just like a rite. Or more a need.  I’d like to spend some months there, after the degrees.
Everything is magic. So many different people walking around the Eiffel Tower. Some chocolate at  Fuchon , a dinner at  L’annexe in Montmartre, a light candle in Sacre Cour, a drink at Cafè de l’homme. Saying -hello- to Edith Piaf and Amedeo Modigliani at Père Lachaise cemetery.

Girls in leggings and trench in summer or winter, because weather changes from sun to cold in a moment.

Bohemian men with long scarves and cigarettes in their mouth.

Smell of baguettes and pain au chocolat.

This is -my- Paris.

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