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My paintings

One of my greatest passions is definitely painting. It’s cathartic to me. I use to do that when I’m particularly irritable for some reason, or when I’m tired of reading and I want to “create” something with my hands. The drafting of the colour calm me down in a second and It’s always been like this, don’t know why. What I like the most is observing the artworks of famous artists and then interpret their vision according to mine. The first one, for istance, is the “copy” the Matisse “The Dance”; the second one is Matisse as well, “A odalisque”. As you can see, this painter is one of my favourite, because of the vivid and warm colours. The third one is a charcoal portrait of my friend and I. The last is..a version of me.

Here it is, onother strange part of me.


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