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Escaping from our country

A couple of months ago I’ve watched an italian tv show, called Il Testimone (The Witness) on MTV. There’s a guy, named Pif, who goes around with his camera and treats many different matters,  all this not in a canonic way like serious interviews but “living” all the situations. I guess it’s a little hard to explain. Anyway it’s a genius tv show.  I was very impressed by the story of two italian guys. They, after the degree, decide to create a jewelry company. They had the money and the ideas to do all that. So they went to Arezzo, the italian district for jewelry and stones, but nothing happened. Nobody has faith in their ideas even though the had the money to start the production. They were young and motivated. Is it not enough? Obviously not, in Italy. So, it came the decision to go (escape?) to America and try what in Italy was forbidden. Well, this is the result:

Was it impossible, right? It’s clear enough that we have to leave our country just to be sure that somebody will believe in our dreams. This country has old leaders, and it says everything. This is so sad because as far as I know, not even a first class honours is enough to work in good positions.  Society forces us to stay at home with the parents untill we decide to go in a foreign country and finally being helped.

The count down is started.

(Watch also the interview to Roberto Faraone Mennella e Amedeo Scognamiglio)


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