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Will it be my next obsession? The world after Lost.

Nothing will ever replace Lost in my heart. To me the end has been a shock.What am I going to do now? I was wondering. After re-re-re watching Lost’s finale for the hundredth time like a loop, I decided to try out FlashForward, on air in Italy on Fox channel. I have to say that is really good. A mix of pathos, mystery and good plot. So now please, tell me why the second season has been cancelled. Oh, this is so unfair.


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Lost in L O S T

One day, sitting on my couch, I saw a pilot tv show. Since that moment I couldn’t help watching it. It’s like an addiction made of expectations; and every episode is worse. Maybe because the producers and the creators are so genial, but the fact is that to me, Lost is the best tv show ever. Now, what am I going to do without my favourite drug, when -The end- episode will go on the air?

Watch another one I guess?



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