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My internship in a fashion house

When that morning I put my little foot in office I was so nervous.  It was like staying in a washing-machine. Informations to remember, people to know, things to do. I was a support for the retail store coordinator Italy , a lovely person who has choosen me instead of many other people. She believed in me when even I didn’t believe in myself.  I’ll always be thankful for this, and she always has a special place in my heart. It was like a dream to me, having the chance to be a little part of this company, because it rapresent the “Made in Italy” and  fashion in every possible way.

I’ve met three girl, each one special for several reasons. We’ve spent together many funny and even touching moments. We talked and laughed a lot and the time went by so quickly. I love them. Everytime I look in their eyes I remember all the beautiful moments spent. And this will never change. Now we’re going to grap our lifes by the wrist. Choises to make and maybe different ways but what we’ve been through together will stay with us.

Thank you for all this, M., Ele, Eli, Fede.


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